About us

xITee is an IT company based in Prague, Czech Republic, providing ICT services to clients from financial and health sectors from all over Europe.

Since the very beginning, xITee strives to provide the highest value to its clients based on long-term experience from various projects delivered to international customers. Our core focus is high quality, added value and customer satisfaction. Assuring the highest quality and security matters to us, therefore are we certified by DEKRA under German certification DAakS of the following standards: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO / IEC 20000-1 IT Service Management, ISO/ IEC 27001 Information Security Management.

Who are we and what can you expect from us?

xITee has rich experience with development and maintenance of projects of various size, complexity, methodology and technology used. Our team consists of experienced software developers with a service provider mind set.

Due to broad range of projects delivered over the years xITee has adopted a wide scope of technologies in order to satisfy customers’ needs and desires. Both commercial products and open source solutions took place in various projects. Project teams are able to deliver all in all solutions inclusive of back-end, middle ware and front-end tiers of system and mobile gateways as well as providing production support for these systems.

xITee was founded in 2004 as a joint venture of two German companies with a long term focus on the financial industry.

From the early beginning, xITee has been focused on the financial capital market. xITee subsequently progressed also into other different industries, supporting various enterprises, startups and health insurance companies.

Since many years xITee has also been closely cooperating with the German company HBSN AG and is part of the HBSN Group. HBSN AG has specialized in the German insurance sector for the last 10 years as a service / consulting firm and has been a well-established and strategic partner of well-known clients, public law corporations, associations and organizations.

HBSN Group consists of daughter and partner companies highly focused on consulting, information’s security, data center, risk management, project management etc. Most of the customers of the Group work with highly sensitive data, therefore, strong security standards are always in place. Some of the Group´s daughter and partner companies are for example AuraSec, DGV and HITS (Health IT-Services).

xITee has worked together with HBSN on various projects, a representative example is “Patientenverfügung” – an innovative online service for creation and management of living wills enabling to specify which medical treatments should be provided in case of serious illness, brain damage or an injury.

Our new product Czech Business Cloud.
Are you looking for an IT solution for your company? Czech Business Cloud will help you find the best one!

We are currently creating our own product Czech Business Cloud – a marketplace for SaaS business applications.

Similarly to Apple App Store or Google Play – we offer a common marketplace for all business applications that you need.

With Czech Business Cloud, you can get all the SaaS applications that you need at one place! Moreover, you get the overview of the possibilities on the market, you can compare the solutions, choose the one that fits you the best, combine and buy more solutions together.

CBC is about to go live soon!

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