For our customer specialized in intelligent electronics and security technology, W&H Austria GmbH, we developed a platform based on a technology ThingWorx – a technology that was purpose-built from the ground up for the Internet of Things. It contains the complete set of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities available, offering the industry’s deepest functional competencies.

The purpose of the platform is to monitor and control all the medical devices assigned to the platform and to ensure further service and maintenance of these devices. It also helps the producers to eliminate imperfections and bugs of the devices thanks to the constant monitoring of them.

At the moment, there are three types of devices assigned to the platform – a dentist drill, a drill washer and a sterilizer. All of them are constantly monitored by service operators and in a case of need (a problem or a damage), there is a field technician service available to immediate service and reparation.

In addition, there will be more medical devices successively added to the platform that could be later on used for example in hospitals when monitoring patients (breathing, heartbeat …).  Moreover, in the future, the focus of the platform will be broader (not only medical oriented) and there will be more devices on the platform from different fields of industry.

Technologies: ThingWorx, JavaScript, and XML

Šprechtíme is a joint campaign of the Embassies of Germany and Austria which aim is to promote the German language in the Czech Republic.  The main goal of the application is to show the Czech public that German can be fun during the school lessons and useful later in the working life.

The web portal “Šprechtíme database” was developed based on a content management system WordPress. The application contains a database of organizations which are associated with the German language, such as schools, kindergartens, cultural organizations and others. The database can be browsed according to the target group, region or type, so e.g. parents of small children can easily find a kindergarten with the German focus in their region. There is also a possibility for the users of the database to get details about selected organization via email or to easily print them.

“Šprechtíme database” is designed to be easily configurable for authorized users, meaning that they can easily add new or edit existing organization through the web interface.

Technologies: WordPress

Patientenverfügung is a joint initiative of companies HBSN and Mediakom. Both companies are the shareholders of the German Society for Prevention (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Vorsorge) and are actively operating for more than 10 years in the German health sector.

“Patientenverfügung” is an innovative online service for creation and management of living wills enabling to specify which medical treatments should be provided in case of serious illness, brain damage or an injury.

doctor holding red stethoscope

Our team was responsible for development of the web application “PV-Generator” which helps to create and manage these living wills.

The web application “PV-Generator” has been created from the bottom up following the V-Modell developing standard. That includes specifying, implementing, testing and delivering the front-end, back-end and a database of the application.

Technologies: Bootstrap, Javascript, JSP, AJAX, unblu, Novalnet libraries for online payments, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java 8, Apache Tomcat 8, MySQL 5

SoftwareParadies is a German software company with seat in Dresden which is specialized in software for architects. Its core product is Vi2000 – an application for planning, outline, 2D and 3D visualization of buildings and for calculation of costs. The program enables architects to calculate all costs necessary to build the house, including all materials used.

person drafting on blueprint

Our team is responsible for the development of a new version of the system and the simplification of the user interface. The new version is, therefore, more user-friendly and it is also possible to be used on the desktop as well as on the tablet.

Technologies: C++, Qt

Ispicio is a German company located in Frankfurt working in the field of security auditing and compliance checks, mainly for SAP software. It offers consultancy, governance, risk and compliance solutions and auditing software as well as it provides audits for small and medium-sized companies.

person holding pencil near laptop computer

The team of xitee worked on the auditing software for SAP where we developed new modules. And furthermore, we redesigned existing solution of the SAP software – both GUI and code. SAP system, however, was not the only system that we have worked on as xitee also participated in the development of licensing server.

Technologies: PostgreSQL, java 8, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Vaadin

Adbrixx is an advertising agency founded in Munich, Germany in 2006. It provides an open platform that collects a variety of print media allowing publishers to enlist their printed media and to offer a place for advertisement in them. As well as it allows other advertising agencies to search the database of newspapers and magazines to find the best fitting media for their campaign.

Business newspaper article

Our company worked on several projects. In the past, we migrated the old versions of systems to their new versions with the use of Java, Tomcat, and MySQL. We also participated in bug fixing and other minor improvements as well as we migrated the old system to a new production server. We also redesigned the search page to make searching for media more user-friendly.

Technologies: Java 7, Tomcat 7, MySQL database, JSP, jQuery, Struts 1, SiteForce, SiteCore Framework

ValYouBel is an innovative international service and technology provider in the personnel area. Bringing a new way of recruiting and managing talents, ValYouBel offers one of the strongest sourcing engines in the market.

Our team developed a unique tool – ValYouBel Platform to help to offer unique solutions to attract, to integrate and to develop talents.

ValYouBel Platform is a web based all-in-one recruiting system including sourcing and selection of candidates. It provides an integrated environment for recruitment which also adds emailing, reporting and a management platform.

three people sitting in front of table laughing together

The whole system consists of several applications.  It allows recruiters, employers and candidates to maintain job applications/offers. The system provides strong social network connection for both promoting job offers and finding new candidates.

The system is fully configurable for different customers including the external look & feel. Therefore it can be used by different employers while still having unique appearance.

Technologies: Java 7, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, Vaadin 7.1, Java Servlet, JSP, Tomcat 7, PostgreSQL 9.1, PL/SQL

Eurex is one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges offering a broad range of international benchmark products, operating the most liquid fixed income markets in the world and featuring open and low-cost electronic access.

Our company has been working on developing, testing and maintenance of the Eurex Trading System since 2006. During the time the system has been extended several times, starting with the version Eurex 10. Currently we are maintaining the system version Eurex 14.

black and silver laptop computer

The newest version of the system provides members with greater choice and enhanced flexibility in how they connect to the Eurex network through new interfaces, further clearing and risk management improvements as well as performance optimization.

Our team was responsible for functional testing for changed functionality of flexible options and futures. In the market risk management and data warehouse subsystems, changes of flexible options and futures were implemented and tested. In addition, existing restrictions of transaction and master data volumes were analyzed and extended according to the foreseen figures.

Technologies: OpenVMS, C/C++, Cobol, SQL, OpenVMS, Oracle RDB, DCL – Digital Command Language, TAFT, inter-process communication

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organizations worldwide. It is a provider of transaction services, an organizer for the trading of shares and other securities. It also gives companies and investors access to global capital markets.

Deutsche Börse Group operates several projects and covers several brands. One of them is 7 Market Technology. 7 Market Technology branding offers a variety of innovations in trade, clearing, risk management and connectivity. It consists of several infrastructures such as T7 – trading infrastructure, C7 – clearing infrastructure, N7 – global network, F7 – trading system and M7 – trading platform.

xitee team works on maintenance of M7. M7 is a trading platform for commodity markets which is used by wholesale brokers and exchanges to operate with futures and forwards. The M7 trading platform does trade mainly with gas, electricity and emissions markets and moreover, also with iron ore, oil, freight, pulp, paper, and fertilizers.

black transmission towers under green sky

Technologies: PostgreSQL, Java 8, Spring Hibernate, MyFaces


German electricity visualized and explained

SMARD – the electricity market data platform of the German Federal Network Agency – is online since 3 July 2017. The new transparency platform deciphers the German electricity system for all interested citizens. Easily comprehensible graphics visualizes the most important information regarding electricity in Germany – such as planned and actual production from the wind, solar or other sources, wholesale prices or national consumption. Background articles explain effects and correlations in an understandable language.                                    

The platform in detail

SMARD consists of four major areas: Electricity market news, Visualize market data, Overview of Germany, and Electricity market explained.

Electricity market news contains some news stories on selected trends of the German electricity market as a pillar of our supply chain. New articles are added constantly.

In the area Visualize market data, you can graphically plunge into different data categories, such as electricity production and consumption, electricity trading and system stability. One advantage: You are able to open different graphics in parallel in order to better comprehend correlations and to compare numbers. The data you see there comes from the platform of the European grid operators association ENTSO-E. First, they get checked whether they are correct and complete, then treated and conditioned, and finally published on SMARD. This process assures a correct data presentation near real time.

Overview of Germany renders data visible on a map of the German market area. This map allows a geographical overview of the power production landscape: Where are the most power plants, which energy sources dominate in which region? There is also information about the real-time electricity feed-in for power plants with more than 100 Megawatt per generating unit.

Electricity market explained is the contextualizing part of SMARD – and is a unique feature of the platform. Interested citizens can read intelligible background information about the functioning and the technical terms of the electricity market. This editorial accompaniment distinguishes SMARD from most existing pure data platforms.

A log-in area lets you personalize SMARD. Graphics created with SMARD can be stored here; in so doing, users can easily return later and find it again with just some clicks. Same applies to articles from the areas Electricity market news and Electricity market explained.

white windmill
A platform for the general public – and for experts

Germany’s electricity landscape is in full transformation. This change requires explanation – renewable energies are gaining in importance, networks are being expanded, and power plants are being decommissioned. People keep asking questions. SMARD fills this gap. It is addressed to the general public as well as to energy experts and analysts. People interested in the electricity market can dive deeply into the matter.

The website is developed by the digital experts of EWERK and xitee, two companies with profound knowledge from the energy and data sector. Both are a long-standing IT partners of several exchanges and energy suppliers in Germany and Europe. On behalf of the Federal Network Agency, the teams of both companies are now developing together a digital, interactive world of energy facts with a clear design and smooth data flows. The website will be further developed continuously.

Technologies: Java 1.8, Spring, Hibernate, Vaadin 7, RabbitMQ, Apache POI, TomCat, SQL, PostgreSQL, Power Shell, Windows Server