Adbrixx – a platform for advertisers

About This Project

Adbrixx is an advertising agency founded in Munich, Germany in 2006. It provides an open platform that collects a variety of print media allowing publishers to enlist their printed media and to offer a place for advertisement in them. As well as it allows other advertising agencies to search the database of newspapers and magazines to find the best fitting media for their campaign.

Our company worked on several projects. In the past, we migrated the old versions of systems to their new versions with the use of Java, Tomcat, and MySQL, we participated in bug fixing and other minor improvements as well as we migrated the old system to a new production server. We also redesigned the search page to make searching for media more user-friendly.

Technologies: Java 7, Tomcat 7, MySQL database, JSP, jQuery, Struts 1, SiteForce, SiteCore Framework