Šprechtíme – Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

About This Project

Šprechtíme is a joint campaign of the Embassies of Germany and Austria which aim is to promote the German language in the Czech Republic.  The main goal of the application is to show the Czech public that German can be fun during the school lessons and useful later in the working life.

The web portal “Šprechtíme database” was developed based on a content management system WordPress. The application contains a database of organizations which are associated with the German language, such as schools, kindergartens, cultural organizations and others. The database can be browsed according to the target group, region or type, so e.g. parents of small children can easily find a kindergarten with the German focus in their region. There is also a possibility for the users of the database to get details about selected organization via email or to easily print them.

“Šprechtíme database” is designed to be easily configurable for authorized users, meaning that they can easily add new or edit existing organization through the web interface.