IoT Platform – Medical technology

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About This Project

For our customer specialized in intelligent electronics and security technology we developed a platform based on a technology ThingWorx – a technology that was purpose-built from the ground up for the Internet of Things. It contains the complete set of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities available, offering the industry’s deepest functional competencies.

The purpose of the platform is to monitor and control all the medical devices assigned to the platform and to ensure further service and maintenance of these devices. It also helps the producers to eliminate imperfections and bugs of the devices thanks to the constant monitoring of them.

At the moment, there are three types of devices assigned to the platform – a dentist drill, a drill washer and a sterilizer. All of them are constantly monitored by service operators and in a case of need (a problem or a damage), there is a field technician service available to immediate service and reparation.

In addition, there will be more medical devices successively added to the platform that could be later on used for example in hospitals when monitoring patients (breathing, heartbeat …).  Moreover, in the future, the focus of the platform will be broader (not only medical oriented) and there will be more devices on the platform from different fields of industry.

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ThingWorx, JavaScript, and XML