Deutsche Börse Group – Lotus Notes

About This Project

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organizations worldwide. It is a provider of transaction services, organizer for trading of shares and other securities and it also gives companies and investors access to global capital markets.

The company has been using IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform mostly for internal communication and collaboration – emailing, messaging, calendars, booking system, workflow applications, data-exchange tools, intranet and some other corporate tools. Moreover, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is also used for several business-critical applications used by external customers of the Deutsche Börse Group (finance institutions, such as banks) or even public (media relations).

Our team is responsible for 2nd level support and maintenance of all Lotus Notes based applications – we manage over 300 active templates and over 3000 instances /mailfiles excluded/. Our tasks involve fixes in the code, modification of existing and creation of new applications.

Our team has an expert knowledge of most of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino development options, such as LotusScript programming language, Java with all its possibilities, JavaScript, HTML/XML/DXL, CSS and formula language (@ functions).


IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript, Java, HTML/XML/DXL, CSS, JavaScript, Formula language, LEI