Health market / Insurance
About This Project

Patientenverfügung is a joint initiative of companies HBSN and Mediakom. Both companies are the shareholders of the German Society for Prevention (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Vorsorge) and are actively operating for more than 10 years in the German health sector.

“Patientenverfügung” is an innovative online service for creation and management of living wills enabling to specify which medical treatments should be provided in case of serious illness, brain damage or an injury.

Our team was responsible for development of the web application “PV-Generator” which helps to create and manage these living wills.

The web application “PV-Generator” has been created from the bottom up following the V-Modell developing standard. That includes specifying, implementing, testing and delivering the front-end, back-end and a database of the application.


Bootstrap, Javascript, JSP, AJAX, unblu, Novalnet libraries for online payments, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java 8, Apache Tomcat 8, MySQL 5