Digital Businesses
Digital Businesses

We guide our customers through the process of digital transformation which enables them to harvest the power of scalable technologies and grow their business. The scope of our services includes bespoke software development, digitization, digitalization, and IoT projects for different industries.

Description of service

What is a digital business?

Digital businesses take advantage of technology to improve core operations and to create new value in business models and customer experiences. To operate, these businesses need scalable technologies, such as cloud solutions, and a high level of automatization.

Our main expertise lies in deep knowledge of processes and methodologies, as well as understanding of the needs of both digital and non-digital customers. We have a domain knowledge in designing and developing software solutions that serve as the basis for further data analytics (business intelligence and artificial intelligence). Our customers range from established companies, through medium enterprises, to start-ups, mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.


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