Finance & Energy
Finance & Energy

We provide professional IT services that shape the European financial & energy markets. Our versatile service portfolio ranges from business and technical analysis, architecture, software development, project management, and SW testing for the small-scale brokers to the most robust trading platforms currently in operation.

Description of service

We are a flexible partner in supporting all financial & energy market related activities.

Our main expertise lies in the tailor-made software development of trading platforms for the leading European stock exchanges and investment banks. We excel in supporting financial markets in trading, clearing, risk management & data dissemination. Additionally, we build extensive know-how in trading interfaces (especially known as the Financial Information eXchange protocol or the FIX protocol).

High throughput, low latency, high availability, high scalability, 24/7 operation, robustness, and flexibility; these are just a few of qualities we know how to design and deliver to you.

We are continuously following hot trends in both sectors. Our current main focus aims strongly on cloudification & market transparency, which disrupt the traditional financial and energy market, respectively, as we know it today. And these trends will be soon increasingly integrated into the business-as-usual activities across the industry. Also, the IT security is more and more important aspect, challenged daily by cyber-attacks. And that is why our customers can rely on high level of security “by default” especially within the critical infrastructure projects.


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We have built quality partnerships that help us to extend our services even further and flexibly react to needs of our customers.

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