Managed IT Services

To keep your IT systems and applications running smoothly, up-to-date and secure, quality support is needed. We have long-term experience with complex maintenance & support of various systems and applications. We help you find the best fitting support model according to your current business needs.

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Managed IT Services

Description of service

Once any business-critical system is deployed and customers start using it, this system must be maintained and supported. The main focus is to ensure that the system continues to perform as per the specification. First part of the service “Support” focus on service availability with key principles of redundancy, seamless recovery from failures, minimization of time to repair and fault prediction and avoidance.

Second part of service “maintenance” is more focused on continuous updates of OS, frameworks, libraries (which is prerequisite for service availability) as well as adding additional features or triaging low priority “bugs” that don't deteriorate the software design and user experience.

Our company has expertise in providing all three support levels. Our 1st level support is ready to provide you with a professional service desk with e-mail or on-call support. In the 2nd level support for instance we deal with setup and management of all needed environments (dev, test, acceptance, production) and infrastructure of the client, which could be either on-premise or in third party data center. A 3rd level support takes care of resolving any bugs or other types of issues coming from the customer or the monitoring service.

We do not implement just a monitoring, but we build proactive monitoring systems capable to warn you before your clients notice something is wrong. We also become responsible for emergency backup plans and we support the deployment of your new releases. Our SLA (service-level agreement) including reaction times is individual for each customer based on the specific needs.  All agreed KPIs (key performance indicators) are tracked by our service desk management tool and we provide you with monthly reporting.

Our company also offers infrastructure support in popular clouds Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). On top of the implementation and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure, we can help you with the automation of processes. This could be achieved by Infrastructure as a code with Terraform or support of configuration management where we use Ansible.

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Managed IT services

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