Constant change, digitalization and high demands on information security and data protection characterize the current situation on the healthcare sector. Quick adaptability as well as innovative and sustainable services and solutions are needed. Participants in the healthcare sector are forced to design their products or services, processes and organizations in a customer-oriented manner and to optimize and secure them using the latest technologies. Together with our partner HBSN Consulting, we provide a wide range of professional services to support you for the challenges of the healthcare sector.

Description of Services

We are your partner for digitization, digitalization, and digital & organizational transformation. Our focus is therefore a successful development and provision of innovative solutions for your healthcare company. We provide you with efficient services to create solutions which are modern, user-oriented, as well as secure and fully meet the requirements and specifics of your healthcare company. Our experts are also constantly deepening their knowledge and follow current trends such as the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) or cloud technologies. We focus on the topics of cyber security and data protection, which are getting more and more crucial nowadays with increasingly frequent hacker attacks on hospitals and other health institutions working with highly sensitive data.

Digitalization in the healthcare sector has gained even more attention during the last years with the introduction of various laws, such as in Germany the KHZG (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz), TSVG (Terminservice-und Versorgungsgesetz), DVPMG (Digitale-Versorgung-und-Pflege-Modernisierungs-Gesetz) and others. We are here to help you on your digital journey and transformation.


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We are part of the HBSN AG – Health business services network AG. HBSN Group consists of group companies highly focused on consulting, project management, eHealth & digitalization, IT Services and operations, information’s security, data protection and risk management in the healthcare sector. Together with the group companies of the HBSN Group: HBSN Consulting, eHealth Digital, xitee, Health IT-Services and AuraSec, projects can be mapped along the entire value chain in the healthcare sector.

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