Software Testing

Software testing is a way to assess the quality of the software and to reduce the risk of software failure in operation. We provide a wide portfolio of individual services such as automation testing including cross-browser and real device testing, security penetration testing and performance testing.

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Software Testing

Description of service

Testing reveals the possible functional and technical defects affecting your product. Software testing provides information about solution's functionality and whether its quality meets all expected requirements and specifications. The result of the testing process is a report of all identified issues and the level of their severity.

We have experience in testing mission critical, high-performance systems as well as testing various web solutions from different sectors. Testing of trading platforms includes both manual and automatic tests during the entire product life cycle. The stress test simulation of users, quotes and trades, regression tests and integration tests play here the most important role. In the area of web solutions, we have experience in E2E (End-to-End) automation testing including cross-browser and cross-platform tests, security penetration tests, and automatic regression tests with custom-made regression tools.

Delivering high quality products in xitee is supported by continuous test integration (unit test, E2E test, integration test, regression test) & automated inspection of code quality by SonarQube. Our team consists of Czech, English & German speaking testers and consultants with vast experience of testing in various projects.

xitee also provides test and QA consulting & test management services. Test consulting helps to identify transformation initiatives to improve the organizational test processes leveraging the test best practices. The test management combines project and risk-management enhanced by the best practice test methodology.

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Software Testing

24 - 02 - 2021

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