MediService AG is a company active in the field of healthcare and well-being that was founded in Switzerland over 20 years ago. Main areas of business are the online pharmacy and treatment of chronically ill patients. The services provided include prescription maintenance (in cooperation with doctors and health insurance providers), online medication ordering and their delivery (including items only available outside Switzerland) and individual therapy for chronically ill patients in their own home.

xitee developed and still maintains the web application Kundenkonto, which allows patients or users to create and track orders for medicines online. It is also possible for them to maintain their contact details (e.g. delivery addresses) or available prescriptions. The application was primarily conceived and designed for mobile devices.

assorted-color medication pills

KundenKonto consists of 2 parts:

1, User part
a. Registration process
b. Login
c. Password management
d. E-shop operations
i. Selection of a medicine based on a doctor’s prescription
ii. Entering the quantity
iii. Filling in the delivery address
iv. Date of delivery
v. Summary of the order
vi. …..
e. Order management/history
f. Notification
g. User data management
i. E-mail
ii. Address management

2, Administration part (designed for tablet)
a. Registration (Login)
b. User account management
c. Administration and management of medical prescriptions

Technologies: Vaadin 10.0.4 (was later migrated from xitee to Vaadin 14.), Java 8, Tomcat 8.5, Maven 4.0.0, PostgreSQL 9.6., JIRA (Atlassian)