IoT solutions

IoT solutions

07 - 06 - 2021
2 min

Internet of Things is more and more often being used in various fields and sectors and is becoming an essential part of our lives. It also brings numerous benefits such as costs saving, increasing effectivity or adding value to existing products and services. Thanks to the IoT, we can easily collect real-time data without having numerous people involved. IoT solutions save your time and money in a long term and help “normal” physical objects become digital devices.

The concept of IoT is very simple – it is basically taking physical objects and making them “smart” by connecting them to the internet by sensors. Once the device is connected to the internet, it can receive or send information (or do both). This can be done with different objects in various fields. We have experience with IoT projects in various sectors, such as the healthcare sector (e.g. to monitor and control medical devices and ensure its future service and maintenance) or in real estate (for example for room occupancy measurement).

The foundation of the IoT architecture consists of:

  • “Things”: objects which are connected to the Internet and monitor and gather information about their environment. They send the information to the IoT gateways.
  • IoT data acquisition systems and gateways: collect the unprocessed data, convert them into digital streams, filter and pre-process them so that they are ready for analysis.
  • Edge devices: in charge of further processing and enhanced analysis of data.
  • Data centers: data is transferred, stored, managed and further analyzed here. The centers can be either cloud-based or installed locally. This is where the data is stored, managed and analyzed in depth for actionable insights.

Our team has know-how and experience in developing and designing tailor-made IoT solutions perfectly fitting to your needs. Discover the world of IoT with us and transform your products and services to another level!

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