Recruiting Platform

Recruiting Platform

04 - 03 - 2021

ValYouBel is an innovative international service and technology provider in the personnel area. Bringing a new way of recruiting and managing talents, ValYouBel offers one of the strongest sourcing engines in the market.

Our team developed a unique tool – ValYouBel Platform to help to offer unique solutions to attract, to integrate and to develop talents.

ValYouBel Platform is a web based all-in-one recruiting system including sourcing and selection of candidates. It provides an integrated environment for recruitment which also adds emailing, reporting and a management platform.

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The whole system consists of several applications.  It allows recruiters, employers and candidates to maintain job applications/offers. The system provides strong social network connection for both promoting job offers and finding new candidates.

The system is fully configurable for different customers including the external look & feel. Therefore it can be used by different employers while still having unique appearance.

Technologies: Java 7, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, Vaadin 7.1, Java Servlet, JSP, Tomcat 7, PostgreSQL 9.1, PL/SQL

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