This is the second project xitee has developed for Reesca AG. Reesca is our PropTech client with an innovative B2B market place for commercial real estate finance and adjacent services. xitee has already developed this technology-based B2B platform where the supply of high-quality projects and the demand for professional investors meet. Real estate developers present their projects to investors who seek opportunity for a good investment. Read more about this previous project here.

Due to the success of this platform, it has been extended. The goal of the new project was to extend existing marketplace which connects real estate developers with investors by additional space where sellers present their properties to buyers. With one account user could access both worlds – financing and transactions.

In Transaction platform, the right match of property and buyer is guaranteed through matching engine. The following selling process is enabled by auction tool that has been developed specifically for Transaction platform.

Platform uses Azure AD B2C for identity and access management, .Net for backend, Angular for frontend. Application consists of many complex workflows, search engine, auction tool and user screens for 6 different roles.


Backend: .NET 5, Entity Framework, MsTest, Automaper, Swashbuckle, Moq, Swagger

Web/Mobile: Angular 11, Material library, Karma, Jasmine, Figma, Anima

Other: Azure (Azure SQL Databaes, Azure Blob Storage, Azure AD B2C with Custom Policies,..), Multitenancy, Docker, Zabbix, FluentEmail