With about 475 employees at locations in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the vwd group (today part of Infront) is an internationally active collection of companies with strong roots in the local financial markets.

The vwd group offers customized information, communication and technology solutions for financial services providers, companies, media operations and private clients.

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Our team was responsible for the architecture, development, and maintenance of a core system, which handles permission requests of 100.000+ client terminals downloading the financial data every day.

One part of the system is a web-based application providing a complete setup and maintenance of permissions to financial data. The other one is a very sophisticated back-end engine which allows small crew to very efficiently manage permissions of large pool of clients’ terminals.

The main challenge was to find a solution, which satisfies needs of operations for efficient management based on patters with needs of business to adjust the setup to a specific contractual arrangement of individual customers. This was successfully achieved by using highly sophisticated template engine which we designed. The system also created input data for other systems, for example, the SAP-based accounting applications.

For the back end, we used .NET technologies and Microsoft SQL Servers and Angular for the front-end.

Reesca AG is our PropTech client with an innovative B2B market place for commercial real estate finance and adjacent services. Large supply of high-quality projects and high demand for professional investors meet there. It is the future of commercial real estate financing.

We are talking about a concept that did not exist in the market for commercial real estate financing and transactions. xitee developed this technology-based B2B platform and Reesca now can be digital, fast and efficient. It is a disruptive PropTech with a distinctive USP and well justified monetisation model, reaping the benefits of a PaaS business model. The goal was to provide proprietary software which offers a wide range of functionalities to support borrowing and lending clients. Real estate developers present their projects to investors who seek opportunity for a good investment.  For both client groups, there are unprecedented benefits that go beyond the obvious advantage of a quick borrower/investor matching. The right match of a project and investor is guaranteed through match engine. Reesca’s mission is to minimize transaction costs, speed up processing times and increase market transparency for investors and developers/owners alike.

Platform use Azure AD B2C for Identity and access management, .Net for backend, Angular for frontend and Ionic for cross-platform mobile development. Application consists of many complex workflows, search engine and user screens for 5 different roles. 


Backend: .NET 5, Entity Framework, MsTest, Automaper, Swashbuckle, Moq, Swagger

Web/Mobile: Angular 11, Material library, Karma, Jasmine, Figma, Anima, Ionic 5

Other: Azure (Azure SQL Databaes, Azure Blob Storage, Azure AD B2C with Custom Policies,..), Multitenancy, Docker, Zabbix, FluentEmail

Interpretation software for conferences, events, business meetings and more

Online DEMO

An innovative software for simultaneous interpretation is looking to revolutionize the traditional way of this industry.

Eliminating large size interpreting booths, extensive travel times for interpreters, and high fees for event organizers will give a fresh look at interpreting.

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Interpreters are able to work from remote with all necessary audio-visual requirements to provide a professional service together with additional benefits to their clients.

Technologies: .NET Core 2.0, Web Api, Entity Framework (with migrations) + SQL Azure, Angular

SMANCH is an iOS/Android application which helps users to find a perfect fit for lunch (based on their current taste) and share this idea with their friends. Application works with daily menus and the main difference to existing solutions on the market is working with dishes, not just restaurants.

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Restaurants can register and create daily menus in Web application using very fast drag&drop method. Application works with Daily menus and the main difference to existing solutions on the market is working with Dishes not just Restaurants (like e.g. Zomato). Users can use free text search, Kitchen search, Food type search to find nearest/the cheapest dish based on their preference.

The main features for restaurants
  • Define restaurant’s profile (location, contact, type)
  • Define lunch menu for the whole week (Monday – Friday)
  • Add / remove lunch menu for the current week
  • Multiple dishes possibility for each day
  • Add / remove lunch menu dish item
  • Autocomplete dish search box in the mobile app
  • Food category drop-down based specification
  • Price definition
  • Password reset with email link
  • Email notification and welcome emails
The main features for users:
  • Filter to search specific food / cuisine type
  • Search radius definition
  • Dynamic location to list dishes in defined range nearby
  • Sorting based on Distance / Price
  • Loading more results
  • Click food to see the complete lunch menu
  • Sharing
  • Inviting users for Lunch
  • Favorite restaurant
  • Delivery option
  • Results section with Food name, Restaurant icon/name, Distance, Price

Technologies: System is based on .NET backend with Angular front-end and running on Amazon cloud. Used technologies and infrastructure: .NET, Angular, Bootstrap, Ionic, Amazon cloud (S3 Bucket, Postrgre SQL, Lambda)