Der Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung e.V. (PKV) represents the general interests of private health insurance companies. They operate the product called PKV-Konnektor which consists of several web applications.

The “PKV-Konnektor” is a platform for various specialist services. It offers a solution for secure data transmission between member companies and between member companies and the PKV association.

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Our team created new web applications for PKV-Konnektor called XBRL Konverter and BVA. XBRL Konverter uses Apache POI for parsing and generating excel reports having web frontend created in Vaadin.

The BVA Service is an application for creating, managing and sending reports to BVA (Bundesversicherungsamt).

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Vaadin, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Eclipse, Vaadin, JavaScript and Spring Framework, Tomcat and JBoss EAP,DB2, MSSQL, Oracle11g, PostgreSQL

Developed in: Scrum, Kanban

Eurex is one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges offering a broad range of international benchmark products, operating the most liquid fixed income markets in the world and featuring open and low-cost electronic access.

Our company has been working on developing, testing and maintenance of the Eurex Trading System since 2006. During the time the system has been extended several times, starting with the version Eurex 10. Currently we are maintaining the system version Eurex 14.

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The newest version of the system provides members with greater choice and enhanced flexibility in how they connect to the Eurex network through new interfaces, further clearing and risk management improvements as well as performance optimization.

Our team was responsible for functional testing for changed functionality of flexible options and futures. In the market risk management and data warehouse subsystems, changes of flexible options and futures were implemented and tested. In addition, existing restrictions of transaction and master data volumes were analyzed and extended according to the foreseen figures.

Technologies: OpenVMS, C/C++, Cobol, SQL, OpenVMS, Oracle RDB, DCL – Digital Command Language, TAFT, inter-process communication

FinTech Group AG is an innovator and established market leader in the German online brokerage market which has been operating at the German market since 1999. FinTech Group has extensive experience in providing technology solutions for financial services providers and it is an important technology partner for German and international banks, and financial institutions in the B2B segment.

Our team was responsible for the development and maintenance of a new trading platform – CFD Trading Platform.

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CFD (Contact for Difference) Trading Platform was developed as an independent trading platform for financial derivatives. The system gets data about underlying assets from different markets and then provides trading for end investors both as a desktop and a mobile application.

It is a completely new internet based trading platform which was built from scratch. Our team was responsible for the whole technical design, development and selection of technologies. We also afterwards participated in production maintenance and development of new system releases.

The CFD Trading Platform was designed as a B2B platform which consists of front-end, back-end, back office with external communication using FIX protocol and security certificates. We also developed a mobile version of the system – an iPhone interface of CFD Trading Platform in an Objective-C programming language.

Technologies: Weblogic, JBoss, Oracle, PostgreSQL/EnterpriseDB, Java, EJB, PL/SQL