Electronic appointment service and vaccination appointment service

Electronic appointment service and vaccination appointment service

04 - 06 - 2021

kv.digital GmbH is the innovative competence center for the digitalization of medical care in private practice. The company develops innovative platform, web and app solutions – for instance for the connection of doctors with each other, for the connection of doctors with their patients, for the provision and booking of medical appointments or for information about emergency practices.

There is a platform (Electronic Appointment Service ETS) for booking medical appointments for persons with statutory health insurance. This is a highly distributed system. Individual microservices handle various tasks. The services communicate via a message broker; the frontend is supplied via REST.

The goal of this project was to extend the system with functional requirements, to normalize it technically and to optimize the architecture in parts. The tasks included:

  • Implementation of individual features incl. unit and integration tests.
  • Planning and conceptualization of technical tasks
  • Checking and optimizing code quality

Scrum was used as the development methodology.

person in white long sleeve shirt holding gray pen

A sub-project of the ETS was Impfterminservice (ITS), where one can book the appointment for the coronavirus vaccination.


Backend: Java, Spring / SpringBoot, Hibernate, POI, SolR, Liquibase, Freemarker, Resteasy, TestNG/Hamcrest, Mysql, Couchbase, ActiveMQ, Docker, IDEA

Frontend: Angular (for patients), AngularJS (for doctors)