ValYouBel is an innovative international service and technology provider in the personnel area. Bringing a new way of recruiting and managing talents, ValYouBel offers one of the strongest sourcing engines in the market.

Our team developed a unique tool – ValYouBel Platform to help to offer unique solutions to attract, to integrate and to develop talents.

ValYouBel Platform is a web based all-in-one recruiting system including sourcing and selection of candidates. It provides an integrated environment for recruitment which also adds emailing, reporting and a management platform.

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The whole system consists of several applications.  It allows recruiters, employers and candidates to maintain job applications/offers. The system provides strong social network connection for both promoting job offers and finding new candidates.

The system is fully configurable for different customers including the external look & feel. Therefore it can be used by different employers while still having unique appearance.

Technologies: Java 7, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, Vaadin 7.1, Java Servlet, JSP, Tomcat 7, PostgreSQL 9.1, PL/SQL

Eurex is one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges offering a broad range of international benchmark products, operating the most liquid fixed income markets in the world and featuring open and low-cost electronic access.

Our company has been working on developing, testing and maintenance of the Eurex Trading System since 2006. During the time the system has been extended several times, starting with the version Eurex 10. Currently we are maintaining the system version Eurex 14.

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The newest version of the system provides members with greater choice and enhanced flexibility in how they connect to the Eurex network through new interfaces, further clearing and risk management improvements as well as performance optimization.

Our team was responsible for functional testing for changed functionality of flexible options and futures. In the market risk management and data warehouse subsystems, changes of flexible options and futures were implemented and tested. In addition, existing restrictions of transaction and master data volumes were analyzed and extended according to the foreseen figures.

Technologies: OpenVMS, C/C++, Cobol, SQL, OpenVMS, Oracle RDB, DCL – Digital Command Language, TAFT, inter-process communication

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organizations worldwide. It is a provider of transaction services, an organizer for the trading of shares and other securities. It also gives companies and investors access to global capital markets.

Deutsche Börse Group operates several projects and covers several brands. One of them is 7 Market Technology. 7 Market Technology branding offers a variety of innovations in trade, clearing, risk management and connectivity. It consists of several infrastructures such as T7 – trading infrastructure, C7 – clearing infrastructure, N7 – global network, F7 – trading system and M7 – trading platform.

xitee team works on maintenance of M7. M7 is a trading platform for commodity markets which is used by wholesale brokers and exchanges to operate with futures and forwards. The M7 trading platform does trade mainly with gas, electricity and emissions markets and moreover, also with iron ore, oil, freight, pulp, paper, and fertilizers.

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Technologies: PostgreSQL, Java 8, Spring Hibernate, MyFaces


German electricity visualized and explained

SMARD – the electricity market data platform of the German Federal Network Agency – is online since 3 July 2017. The new transparency platform deciphers the German electricity system for all interested citizens. Easily comprehensible graphics visualizes the most important information regarding electricity in Germany – such as planned and actual production from the wind, solar or other sources, wholesale prices or national consumption. Background articles explain effects and correlations in an understandable language.                                    

The platform in detail

SMARD consists of four major areas: Electricity market news, Visualize market data, Overview of Germany, and Electricity market explained.

Electricity market news contains some news stories on selected trends of the German electricity market as a pillar of our supply chain. New articles are added constantly.

In the area Visualize market data, you can graphically plunge into different data categories, such as electricity production and consumption, electricity trading and system stability. One advantage: You are able to open different graphics in parallel in order to better comprehend correlations and to compare numbers. The data you see there comes from the platform of the European grid operators association ENTSO-E. First, they get checked whether they are correct and complete, then treated and conditioned, and finally published on SMARD. This process assures a correct data presentation near real time.

Overview of Germany renders data visible on a map of the German market area. This map allows a geographical overview of the power production landscape: Where are the most power plants, which energy sources dominate in which region? There is also information about the real-time electricity feed-in for power plants with more than 100 Megawatt per generating unit.

Electricity market explained is the contextualizing part of SMARD – and is a unique feature of the platform. Interested citizens can read intelligible background information about the functioning and the technical terms of the electricity market. This editorial accompaniment distinguishes SMARD from most existing pure data platforms.

A log-in area lets you personalize SMARD. Graphics created with SMARD can be stored here; in so doing, users can easily return later and find it again with just some clicks. Same applies to articles from the areas Electricity market news and Electricity market explained.

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A platform for the general public – and for experts

Germany’s electricity landscape is in full transformation. This change requires explanation – renewable energies are gaining in importance, networks are being expanded, and power plants are being decommissioned. People keep asking questions. SMARD fills this gap. It is addressed to the general public as well as to energy experts and analysts. People interested in the electricity market can dive deeply into the matter.

The website is developed by the digital experts of EWERK and xitee, two companies with profound knowledge from the energy and data sector. Both are a long-standing IT partners of several exchanges and energy suppliers in Germany and Europe. On behalf of the Federal Network Agency, the teams of both companies are now developing together a digital, interactive world of energy facts with a clear design and smooth data flows. The website will be further developed continuously.

Technologies: Java 1.8, Spring, Hibernate, Vaadin 7, RabbitMQ, Apache POI, TomCat, SQL, PostgreSQL, Power Shell, Windows Server

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt is a German health insurance company based in Magdeburg (with another 44 branches in Saxony-Anhalt). With its 750.000 clients, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt represents the market leader in Saxony-Anhalt.

xitee worked together with HBSN AG on the development of a web-based application “GESUNDESKONTO. With the “GESUNDESKONTO” the AOK offers its customers a budget for additional services such as professional dental cleaning, osteopathy or travel vaccinations which can be applied for and tracked easily, conveniently and quickly via an online portal. Customers can make a contact via the online office in the “GESUNDESKONTO” and find there the range of services and the corresponding provider. After using the services, the insured persons upload their invoices online. These are prechecked by the application and the customer may receive information about errors or missing information. Afterwards the invoice is automatically forwarded to the AOK inventory system, oscare®, and the insured persons will be reimbursed their expenses after a short time.

In this application, customers of AOK Sachsen-Anhalt can check their bonus-status, upload invoice for reimbursement and find other useful functionality like contact details for all branches (and have a chance to check their details and “favorite” them for their personal dashboard). The goal was to create a customer-oriented, user-friendly service saving customers’ time and therefore creating added value.

AOK GESUNDESKONTO was launched on 01.02.2020 after an intensive marketing campaign in Saxony-Anhalt. The individual programming and technical implementation were carried out by the xitee team with a short development time. A special challenge was to integrate “GESUNDESKONTO” into the AOK Saxony-Anhalt’ system oscare®. We are more than happy that our successful cooperation with AOK Saxony-Anhalt continues further since our team is now co-responsible for the support of the GESUNDESKONTO and is developing another functionality for the application.

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Technologies: JAVA 11, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Flyway, MariaDB Galera Cluster, SonarQube, Tomcat, Spring Security, SAML,/OAuth, 2FA , JWT, Ldap, Spring Data Rest, Spring Integration, Angular 8, RxJS, Apache httpd, Docker, CENTOS/RHEL, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Maven, JUnit, Jasmin, Selenium

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organizations worldwide. It is a provider of transaction services, organizer for trading of shares and other securities and it also gives companies and investors access to global capital markets.

The company has been using IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform mostly for internal communication and collaboration – emailing, messaging, calendars, booking system, workflow applications, data-exchange tools, intranet and some other corporate tools. Moreover, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is also used for several business-critical applications used by external customers of the Deutsche Börse Group (finance institutions, such as banks) or even public (media relations).

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Our team is responsible for 2nd level support and maintenance of all Lotus Notes based applications – we manage over 300 active templates and over 3000 instances /mailfiles excluded/. Our tasks involve fixes in the code, modification of existing and creation of new applications.

Our team has an expert knowledge of most of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino development options, such as LotusScript programming language, Java with all its possibilities, JavaScript, HTML/XML/DXL, CSS and formula language (@ functions).

Technologies: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript, Java, HTML/XML/DXL, CSS, JavaScript, Formula language, LEI

Once any business-critical system is deployed and customers start using it, this system must be maintained and supported. The main focus is to ensure that the system continues to perform as per the specification. First part of the service “Support” focus on service availability with key principles of redundancy, seamless recovery from failures, minimization of time to repair and fault prediction and avoidance.

Second part of service “maintenance” is more focused on continuous updates of OS, frameworks, libraries (which is prerequisite for service availability) as well as adding additional features or triaging low priority “bugs” that don’t deteriorate the software design and user experience.

Our company has expertise in providing all three support levels. Our 1st level support is ready to provide you with a professional service desk with e-mail or on-call support. In the 2nd level support for instance we deal with setup and management of all needed environments (dev, test, acceptance, production) and infrastructure of the client, which could be either on-premise or in third party data center. A 3rd level support takes care ofresolving any bugs or other types of issues coming from the customer or the monitoring service.

We do not implement just a monitoring, but we build proactive monitoring systems capable to warn you before your clients notice something is wrong. We also become responsible for emergency backup plans and we support the deployment of your new releases. Our SLA (service-level agreement) including reaction times is individual for each customer based on the specific needs.  All agreed KPIs (key performance indicators) are tracked by our service desk management tool and we provide you with monthly reporting.

Our company also offers infrastructure support in popular clouds Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). On top of the implementation and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure, we can help you with the automation of processes. This could be achieved by Infrastructure as a code with Terraform or support of configuration management where we use Ansible.

Support & maintenance

Once any business-critical system is deployed and customers start using it, this system must be maintained and supported in order to stay updated and perform as per the specification. xitee provides application support and maintenance services to relieve organizations from these non-core business activities.

We have expertise in providing support on all levels:

  • Professional service desk (1st level support) with e-mail or on-call support, our team is provided with service management tools to track and report KPIs.
  • 2nd level support: environmental issues, conducting deployments, monitoring, patch management of the operating system and 3rd party applications.
  • 3rd level support: resolving any bugs or other types of issues coming from the customer or the monitoring service. Part of the 3rd level support is also application framework & libraries upgrade.
  • Enhancement of software with new software versions. We offer continuous development of new features & deployment of new software versions.
  • Backup & emergency plans with regular checks.

Our service hours as well as other parts of the service-level agreement (SLA) including reaction and solution times are individual for each customer based on their specific needs.  All agreed KPIs (key performance indicators) are tracked by our service desk management tool and we provide you with monthly reporting.

Together with our partner HBSN AG, we can offer you a full cycle of support/maintenance and monitoring services based on your specific needs and preferences.

Active monitoring

The goal of active monitoring is to ensure that your system is available and performing to the level expected and required to maintain your business. It is especially beneficial for the systems which are integrated with numerous other 3rd party systems.

We do not implement just monitoring, but we build proactive capabilities to warn you before your clients notice something is wrong. The system is also capable to fix issues by itself and minimize impact to all levels of your infrastructure.

Our primary monitoring choice is Zabbix, a professional open-source monitoring system. In our service we provide you with:

  • Monitoring networks, servers, applications, and services
  • Inventory of all monitored components
  • Escalation procedures
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Alerting to various channels
  • Automated remote commands for problem resolution
  • Trends and predictions 

Cloud infrastructure support

The cloud computing model has changed the way that many companies manage their systems and resources. They could pay to rent infrastructure from 3rd party service providers instead of building their own data centers. The leading cloud vendors provide even more advantages than typical 3rd party datacenter. They moved to next level of cloud computing (PaaS vs IaaS), which leads to many new advantages such as ease of short time of infrastructure setup, contracts flexibility (billing in minutes, no long term contracts are needed), automatic updates,  scalability and many others..

xitee offers services of cloud infrastructure support which basically consists of a cloud setup, configuration, monitoring, and optimization of the components of cloud infrastructure. We specialize in a migration of on-premise services to the cloud. Our expertise lies in the two most popular cloud platforms: Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

List of our most common activities:

  • AWS & Azure account management (security, billing, access)
  • Network infrastructure support (setup and configuration)
  • Implementation, maintenance & monitoring of infrastructure
  • Migrating Hyper-V or VMware to AWS or Azure
  • SQL database servers’ migration from on-premise to AWS or Azure

Automation, configuration, orchestration

Infrastructure automation is the key to reliable and efficient processes. Automation of processes that have multiple manual steps and they are mission critical become a must in modern times. Automating of IT infrastructure helps to maximize productivity and therefore decrease our effort and development costs. Our primary solution Terraform has following main capabilities:

  • Automation of almost all infrastructure is possible
  • Support for AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, VMware Cloud, Openstack, etc.
  • Infrastructure versioning
  • Keeping the defined status
  • It is open-source and no license is needed
  • Perfectly fits to our pool of DevOps tools

Configuration deals with the technical and administrative activities concerned with the creation, maintenance, controlled change and quality control of the scope of work.

The goal is to ensure that the configuration of system resources, computer systems, servers and other assets are known, good and trusted. Configuration management involves a high degree of automation to achieve these goals. Therefore we use the tool Ansible as an automation engine which has following capabilities:

  • Optimization of IT staff activities through automation reduced IT staff time spent “keeping the lights on”, freeing up valuable staff resources for business-related initiatives.
  • Reduction of a downtime caused by system outages, cyber-attacks, security intrusions, and change and configuration activities.
  • Optimization of IT operations reduces costs in multiple areas, including infrastructure, outsourced services and management software.
  • Ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time.
  • Configuration versioning to keep the track of all changes for easy updates and rollbacks.

Orchestration is a way of arranging your application portfolio to service-oriented architecture (SOA) and achieving that your infrastructure is dynamic, easily scalable and cost-efficient.

We help our customers to analyze and prepare a plan for the transition from a monolithic application world to microservices. We design the infrastructure and systems for an easy development and fast deployment while keeping costs as low as possible.

To achieve these goals, most of the processes are automated as much as possible so there are minimal requirements for the operations team. We rely on the famous platform in the docker world – Kubernetes which comes with following capabilities:

  • Service discovery and load balancing
  • Secret and configuration management
  • Storage orchestration
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks
  • Self-healing