With about 475 employees at locations in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the vwd group (today part of Infront) is an internationally active collection of companies with strong roots in the local financial markets.

The vwd group offers customized information, communication and technology solutions for financial services providers, companies, media operations and private clients.

xitee was building the next-generation cloud-based asset management solution, which replaced the current desktop application (VWD Portfolio manager). The vwd portfolio manager is the perfect portfolio management solution for Private Banking and Wealth Management. The system supports all process steps in portfolio management, from planning through implementation to controlling. It gives the user the benefits of a standard software solution which can be scaled to the needs of the user as required very flexibly, quickly, and cost effectively.

The new platform fully adopts microservice architecture and is part of a larger ecosystem where it also collaborates with numerous other microservices that make it easier for the users to interact with their customers in compliance with regulatory requirements.

xitee was responsible for development of both back-end and front-end part of the system. The back-end team oversees building Position, Transaction, Risk and Performance services which provide data from various existing systems to new web-based front-end.

And the front-end team was building brand new Angular Dashboard & Widget based application to display various information useful for individual investors.

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Swagger, Gradle, Docker, CockroachDB, Flyway, Prometheus, Asciidoc, Angular, PrimeNG, RxJS, Highcharts, Sass.

vwd TransactionSolutions AG is a financial brokerage company, which develops, operates and offers financial securities trading and distribution systems. With several important in-house systems, vwd is a key player in the financial brokerage and market connectivity on the European stock exchanges.

The overall focus is on the operation of securities trading centres in a wide variety of forms:

  • off-exchange
  • on-exchange
  • limit trading
  • request-for-quotes
  • matching systems
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xConvertor is a B2B connectivity solution providing customized access to many different stock or energy exchanges as a primary connection for trading. It connects brokers with markets and market makers and converts their communication (e.g., orders, quotes, etc.). The conversion is not only covering different technical interfaces (e.g., various FIX dialects, JSON, etc.), but it also provides business logic conversions. As an example, we compensate differences in message workflows, map and convert differently generated IDs and do other content conversions of the messages.

Application architecture was decided to be a point-to-point bridge with inner routing and generic, highly configurable conversion engine. Specific type of routing differs between plugins. Application supports multiple connections in a single instance and multiple instances running in parallel.

Technologies: Java 11, Spring, QuickFixJ, Log4J, Gradle, Oracle SQL, Git

With about 475 employees at locations in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the vwd group (today part of Infront) is an internationally active collection of companies with strong roots in the local financial markets.

The vwd group offers customized information, communication and technology solutions for financial services providers, companies, media operations and private clients.

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Our team was responsible for the architecture, development, and maintenance of a core system, which handles permission requests of 100.000+ client terminals downloading the financial data every day.

One part of the system is a web-based application providing a complete setup and maintenance of permissions to financial data. The other one is a very sophisticated back-end engine which allows small crew to very efficiently manage permissions of large pool of clients’ terminals.

The main challenge was to find a solution, which satisfies needs of operations for efficient management based on patters with needs of business to adjust the setup to a specific contractual arrangement of individual customers. This was successfully achieved by using highly sophisticated template engine which we designed. The system also created input data for other systems, for example, the SAP-based accounting applications.

For the back end, we used .NET technologies and Microsoft SQL Servers and Angular for the front-end.

Reesca AG is our PropTech client with an innovative B2B market place for commercial real estate finance and adjacent services. Large supply of high-quality projects and high demand for professional investors meet there. It is the future of commercial real estate financing.

We are talking about a concept that did not exist in the market for commercial real estate financing and transactions. xitee developed this technology-based B2B platform and Reesca now can be digital, fast and efficient. It is a disruptive PropTech with a distinctive USP and well justified monetisation model, reaping the benefits of a PaaS business model. The goal was to provide proprietary software which offers a wide range of functionalities to support borrowing and lending clients. Real estate developers present their projects to investors who seek opportunity for a good investment.  For both client groups, there are unprecedented benefits that go beyond the obvious advantage of a quick borrower/investor matching. The right match of a project and investor is guaranteed through match engine. Reesca’s mission is to minimize transaction costs, speed up processing times and increase market transparency for investors and developers/owners alike.

Platform use Azure AD B2C for Identity and access management, .Net for backend, Angular for frontend and Ionic for cross-platform mobile development. Application consists of many complex workflows, search engine and user screens for 5 different roles. 


Backend: .NET 5, Entity Framework, MsTest, Automaper, Swashbuckle, Moq, Swagger

Web/Mobile: Angular 11, Material library, Karma, Jasmine, Figma, Anima, Ionic 5

Other: Azure (Azure SQL Databaes, Azure Blob Storage, Azure AD B2C with Custom Policies,..), Multitenancy, Docker, Zabbix, FluentEmail

Wiener Börse AG operates the stock markets in Vienna and Prague  and provides IT services for exchanges in Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana. The core trading system used is Xetra® T7 from Deutsche Börse. Wiener Börse operates its own software providing connectivity for Xetra® T7 to enable members a simplified connectivity using FIX interface (CEESEG FIX).

This solution further provides the Xetra® T7 market data feed to the data dissemination system ADH (Alliance Data Highway) of Wiener Börse. Monitoring and data analysis tools are also part of the system.

An additional service is TTR II (MiFID II Post trade OTC reporting).

The xitee team is responsible for maintenance and further development of these Software solutions.

The HBSN group of companies supports the AOK Saxony-Anhalt in the conception, technical development and implementation of a form center – “Formularcenter” within the digital customer portal ” Meine Gesundheitswelt” (My Health World).

“Meine Gesundheitswelt” has been available to AOK customers since February 2020. Within this portal, customers can get additional services which they used reimbursed by the AOK via their individual “Gesundeskonto” (health account) and submit their receipts and invoices for any advance services digitally for billing purposes.

The web-based application “Formularcenter” is another building block in AOK Saxony-Anhalt’s digital customer service offering. With the “Formularcenter”, the AOK offers its customers a large selection of ready-made forms for applying for health insurance benefits, such as the request for care or for the reimbursement of travel costs in medical treatment situations. The corresponding forms are now made available to the insured via the customer portal “Meine Gesundheitswelt”.

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With this digital customer service, complicated bureaucratic hurdles are removed for the insured and the application process is made simple, fast and customer-oriented. At the same time, AOK Saxony-Anhalt is fulfilling its legislative obligation to provide administrative services digitally to the citizens in accordance with the German Onlinezugangsgesetz – Online Access Act (OZG).

Insured persons can access the form centre (Formularcenter) directly online via their individual customer account and apply for benefits for themselves or for their family members. The forms are largely pre-filled with the insured person’s already known data. Integrated help functions, explanations in the form of text and sample images for necessary attachments per application and a dynamic behavior of the forms avoid contradictions when filling out the forms and make it easier to apply and check the completeness of the documents. An integrated upload function for necessary attachments to the application is also provided.

These help functions support not only the insured but also the employees of the AOK Saxony-Anhalt in the further processing of the forms. After digital dispatch by the applicants, the forms are automatically forwarded to the oscare® inventory system. For each form, the distribution is individually defined by the AOK and thus the forms are automatically sent to team mailboxes, to the e-file or to the oscare® APD for a direct case creation, depending on the configuration.

The requirements for the application in terms of process flow, data flows and technical implementation were developed and refined by HBSN Consulting together with AOK Saxony-Anhalt. The individual programming and technical implementation was carried out by the xitee team. For the operational monitoring of the system and customer support, the third member of the HBSN group of companies, Health-IT Services, now takes over the maintenance and support of the web application “Formularcenter” together with xitee.

Technologies: Angular 11, RxJS, Jasmine, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Apache httpd, Selenium, SonarQube

MEDICPROOF is a subsidiary company of the PKV-Verband and provides the assessment of insurance cases for people insured under one of the private insurance companies. MEDICPROOF guarantees that all assessments are done according to the laws and regulations, and done while upholding the same standards for all cases.

To streamline their work, there are many systems used by the employees and assessment experts.

One of these systems is called ProofCenter, which is the system our team was helping to develop, and maintain. ProofCenter is a system that supports the insurance experts in the scheduling, correspondence and digital transmission of their expert reports to MEDICPROOF.

ProofCenter is directly or indirectly used by all other applications in the MEDICPROOF ecosystem. The application consists of Backend and Frontend (ProofCenter Client).

Technologies: Intellij IDEA; SQL Management Studio, JBoss / Java, EJB, Spring, JAVA EE, Hibernate, REST, Git

There are six foundation blocks (Version control, Continuous integration, Issue tracking, Unit tests, Reviews, Code analysis) that ensure the quality of the software and therefore of the product itself. Various synergies between the specific parts enable transparency and maintainability. At the same time these components work as a toolkit for every single software developer.

Through the usage of a version control, each modification of the code is comprehensibly documented, and each version can be restored at any time. This grants flexibility to the development and allows a precise analysis of all arising errors of the software.  

The use of a continuous integration (CI) system allows a controlled compiling of new software versions as well as continuous reporting for the developers regarding any arising errors during the compilation. Additionally, automatically elicited key figures, which display the state of the product, can be generated and reported. Features and bugs, as well as milestones and project tasks, are managed through the Issue tracking system (JIRA and / or Confluence). This creates traceable and transparent development from requirement analysis to delivery and allows the creation of relationships between individual tasks or features. 

The Interaction between these three systems (Version Control, CI, Issue Tracker) as well as the interaction of the developers with them provides additional benefits, which increase the quality of the products even more. Any changes only need to be documented once, since the version control, issue tracking and CI systems automatically transfer the modifications. Because of this automatic transfer to the Issue Tracking System, every change is assigned uniquely to one requirement, which provides complete traceability to each action. The developer gains quick feedback through the CI System, since each change in code automatically generates a new software-version.

The usage of Unit-Tests and the integration of these tests into the CI System allows a quick identification and debugging of errors, even while the software is still in development.  

Additional to this, reviews ensure that at least two people view and test the code before a component is cleared for further testing.

MediService AG is a company active in the field of healthcare and well-being that was founded in Switzerland over 20 years ago. Main areas of business are the online pharmacy and treatment of chronically ill patients. The services provided include prescription maintenance (in cooperation with doctors and health insurance providers), online medication ordering and their delivery (including items only available outside Switzerland) and individual therapy for chronically ill patients in their own home.

xitee developed and still maintains the web application Kundenkonto, which allows patients or users to create and track orders for medicines online. It is also possible for them to maintain their contact details (e.g. delivery addresses) or available prescriptions. The application was primarily conceived and designed for mobile devices.

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KundenKonto consists of 2 parts:

1, User part
a. Registration process
b. Login
c. Password management
d. E-shop operations
i. Selection of a medicine based on a doctor’s prescription
ii. Entering the quantity
iii. Filling in the delivery address
iv. Date of delivery
v. Summary of the order
vi. …..
e. Order management/history
f. Notification
g. User data management
i. E-mail
ii. Address management

2, Administration part (designed for tablet)
a. Registration (Login)
b. User account management
c. Administration and management of medical prescriptions

Technologies: Vaadin 10.0.4 (was later migrated from xitee to Vaadin 14.), Java 8, Tomcat 8.5, Maven 4.0.0, PostgreSQL 9.6., JIRA (Atlassian)

compass pflegeberatung GmbH is an independent subsidiary of the Association of Private Health Insurance (Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung = PKV) which fulfills the advisory requirements of all privately insured persons and their relatives. The telephone care advice is open to everyone who needs advice on care. Free and independent. Our team was working on the development of a completely new modern solution (web-application) that allows compass to manage/provide care consultancy in the most effective and user-friendly way.

xitee, together with HBSN Consulting GmbH, supported and accompanied the client compass throughout the entire project, from brainstorming for a user-friendly and intuitive application to the design of application scenarios and the elaboration of technical requirements to the development of the new core application.

woman in black leather jacket using macbook air

The goal of the project was to replace the existing application with a new and modern web and mobile application that would improve the user experience and make it more intuitive. The result was a browser-based application based on Java, Spring Boot, MS SQL and Docker.

This was implemented in a hybrid project management with an interplay of classic and agile procedures. The core application was divided into individual functions that were specified together, taking into account the priority given by compass. This resulted in the content of the backlog for the work packages. Development took place in defined sprints with the aim of delivering an increment after each sprint.

The core application is a completely new development of an individual software, which was specially designed to meet the requirements and wishes of compass. It contains the complete documentation for the care counseling according to § 7a SGB XI and the counseling visits according to § 37 paragraph 3 SGB XI.

The intuitive structure of the system guides the care counselors as users through the entire processes from the creation of new clients in the basic data to making appointments and conducting the counseling on site or on the phone. The versatile functions include, among other things, comprehensive documentation, billing and the creation of invoices, sending of faxes from the system and an associated document management system. Also integrated is the technical solution of a calendar function including synchronization with Outlook. Furthermore, an assessment has been integrated.

For the users, a user-friendly environment and interface is provided in terms of layout and operability for work in the office (web application) and on the move (mobile). Access rights to the individual functionalities have been implemented with a detailed role and authorization concept.

The new development was conducted in 15 months and introduced “in time” in September 2020. Further development to integrate additional functionalities is planned for 2022.

Technologies: Spring Security, OAuth and JWT. Backend is in Java, Gradle, Spring Boot and Hibernate whereas Frontend is in JavaScript and Angular. As API we use Swagger and as servers Tomcat and Nginx. Database used is MS SQL DB Cluster. Realtime search via Elastic.