kv.digital GmbH is the innovative competence center for the digitalization of medical care in private practice. The company develops innovative platform, web and app solutions – for instance for the connection of doctors with each other, for the connection of doctors with their patients, for the provision and booking of medical appointments or for information about emergency practices.

There is a platform (Electronic Appointment Service ETS) for booking medical appointments for persons with statutory health insurance. This is a highly distributed system. Individual microservices handle various tasks. The services communicate via a message broker; the frontend is supplied via REST.

The goal of this project was to extend the system with functional requirements, to normalize it technically and to optimize the architecture in parts. The tasks included:

  • Implementation of individual features incl. unit and integration tests.
  • Planning and conceptualization of technical tasks
  • Checking and optimizing code quality

Scrum was used as the development methodology.

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A sub-project of the ETS was Impfterminservice (ITS), where one can book the appointment for the coronavirus vaccination.


Backend: Java, Spring / SpringBoot, Hibernate, POI, SolR, Liquibase, Freemarker, Resteasy, TestNG/Hamcrest, Mysql, Couchbase, ActiveMQ, Docker, IDEA

Frontend: Angular (for patients), AngularJS (for doctors)

compass pflegeberatung GmbH is an independent subsidiary of the Association of Private Health Insurance (Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung = PKV) which fulfills the advisory requirements of all privately insured persons and their relatives. The telephone care advice is open to everyone who needs advice on care. Free and independent. Our team was working on the development of a completely new modern solution (web-application) that allows compass to manage/provide care consultancy in the most effective and user-friendly way.

xitee, together with HBSN Consulting GmbH, supported and accompanied the client compass throughout the entire project, from brainstorming for a user-friendly and intuitive application to the design of application scenarios and the elaboration of technical requirements to the development of the new core application.

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The goal of the project was to replace the existing application with a new and modern web and mobile application that would improve the user experience and make it more intuitive. The result was a browser-based application based on Java, Spring Boot, MS SQL and Docker.

This was implemented in a hybrid project management with an interplay of classic and agile procedures. The core application was divided into individual functions that were specified together, taking into account the priority given by compass. This resulted in the content of the backlog for the work packages. Development took place in defined sprints with the aim of delivering an increment after each sprint.

The core application is a completely new development of an individual software, which was specially designed to meet the requirements and wishes of compass. It contains the complete documentation for the care counseling according to § 7a SGB XI and the counseling visits according to § 37 paragraph 3 SGB XI.

The intuitive structure of the system guides the care counselors as users through the entire processes from the creation of new clients in the basic data to making appointments and conducting the counseling on site or on the phone. The versatile functions include, among other things, comprehensive documentation, billing and the creation of invoices, sending of faxes from the system and an associated document management system. Also integrated is the technical solution of a calendar function including synchronization with Outlook. Furthermore, an assessment has been integrated.

For the users, a user-friendly environment and interface is provided in terms of layout and operability for work in the office (web application) and on the move (mobile). Access rights to the individual functionalities have been implemented with a detailed role and authorization concept.

The new development was conducted in 15 months and introduced “in time” in September 2020. Further development to integrate additional functionalities is planned for 2022.

Technologies: Spring Security, OAuth and JWT. Backend is in Java, Gradle, Spring Boot and Hibernate whereas Frontend is in JavaScript and Angular. As API we use Swagger and as servers Tomcat and Nginx. Database used is MS SQL DB Cluster. Realtime search via Elastic.

AGRANA is an internationally oriented Austrian company which processes agricultural commodities to produce a wide range of industrial products. With around 8,600 personnel based at 53 production facilities located around the world, AGRANA maintains a global presence in agricultural market. AGRANA has been listed in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1991 and currently is part of the Raiffeisen Group.

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As there are many affiliates of the company using different types and formats of data our team was responsible for development of a reporting tool which helps to unify these data and simplify the reporting process.

The application offers the central database with a web user interface to see, edit and insert the employees’ data. Moreover it offers the possibility of bulk import of the data and provides resulting reports usually as MS Excel files.

Technologies: Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, Vaadin 7, MSSQL, JasperReports

Patientenverfügung is a joint initiative of companies HBSN and Mediakom. Both companies are the shareholders of the German Society for Prevention (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Vorsorge) and are actively operating for more than 10 years in the German health sector.

“Patientenverfügung” is an innovative online service for creation and management of living wills enabling to specify which medical treatments should be provided in case of serious illness, brain damage or an injury.

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Our team was responsible for development of the web application “PV-Generator” which helps to create and manage these living wills.

The web application “PV-Generator” has been created from the bottom up following the V-Modell developing standard. That includes specifying, implementing, testing and delivering the front-end, back-end and a database of the application.

Technologies: Bootstrap, Javascript, JSP, AJAX, unblu, Novalnet libraries for online payments, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java 8, Apache Tomcat 8, MySQL 5

Adbrixx is an advertising agency founded in Munich, Germany in 2006. It provides an open platform that collects a variety of print media allowing publishers to enlist their printed media and to offer a place for advertisement in them. As well as it allows other advertising agencies to search the database of newspapers and magazines to find the best fitting media for their campaign.

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Our company worked on several projects. In the past, we migrated the old versions of systems to their new versions with the use of Java, Tomcat, and MySQL. We also participated in bug fixing and other minor improvements as well as we migrated the old system to a new production server. We also redesigned the search page to make searching for media more user-friendly.

Technologies: Java 7, Tomcat 7, MySQL database, JSP, jQuery, Struts 1, SiteForce, SiteCore Framework